Sébastien Necca

Multi instrumentalist, passionate of music and meetings, Sebastien creates his own band, the «Sébastien Necca Quartet» with which he will record contemporary jazz compositions in 2011 with Pierre Drevet as a guest on the trumpet.
Sébastien is also part of the Romain Baret Trio with which he records two discs, in 2014 «Split Moments» and in 2017 «Naissance de L’horizon». Romain’s music is avant-garde jazz, the adventure brings them to China for a tour in November 2017.
The meeting and integration into the SEBASTIEN NECCA QUARTET of Loïs Le Van in the summer of 2016 gives birth to the group GROUNDED. Then, a chance meeting with Brian and Pascal during a concert in the summer of 2018 led them to meet again and Sébastien, delighted by the eXomind project, soon joins the band as the drummer.

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