Brian Johnson

Singer and Harmonist

Author, composer and performer, he is from the American Midwest. At 15, he moved to San Francisco where he founded, with two friends, the Folk Rock group « Slow Motion Ocean » inspired by Crosby Still & Nash & Young. Spotted by CRAIG MILLER and DAVID GRISMAN and with the help of a collaborator of JOURNEY and THE GRATEFUL DEAD, he played in the first part of prestigious concerts in San Francisco. It was in Geneva, where he eventually settled, that he met one of the two Alba brothers. Fascinated by the musical magic of the brothers, they founded the SOS group and settled in San Francisco to live their common dreams rich in twists and turns.

Following this musical adventure, under the pseudonym B-JAY, he collaborated solo as a songwriter with artists and producers of Universal and Warner Brothers. The music they created at the time pushed the boundaries and was certainly at the forefront of the game, as it is today!

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