• Artist: Whispering
  • Release Date: 1991-1994
  • Genre: Rock Hard FM Californien
  • Produced By: Alba Brothers

Following the musical adventures of Los Angeles, the band « WHISPERING » is born of a friendship with the English singer Neville Champendal. In collaboration with the singer, the Alba brothers compose the songs in a Californian Rock Hard FM style.

In 1993 the band signed with the Label EXCALIBUR and recorded the album « Escape ». They make a video promotional video with the dancers of the Grand Théâtre and the collaboration of the cameramen of the company « Free News Geneva ».

In 1992, the group was a winner of the Lucky Stage contest at C.P.M. (Music Promotion Center, Geneva). In 1993, the group recorded the compilations LUCKY STAGE and FESTIVAL AUTO-CONTROL.